Revamped Customer Login Area 🏠

Hey guys,

Quite a big update here for you!

We rolled out our new checkout experience a few months back and now we've re-designed and rolled out a new customer login area to match the experience.

Better still, it uses the same branding (logo and colours) from your checkout settings for a seamless and branded experience.

The new customer login are is gorgeous and the UX is much easier to navigate.

Here's some key points:

  • Your customers login into your store now, not a generic customer account.
  • Uses the same logo and colours from your brand settings.
  • Improved skipping/pausing experience.
  • Easier access to get help from you.
  • Bablic (for translations) and Google Analytics apps now work on customer login area as well! 👏
  • Fully mobile responsive experience
  • New login URL, all links redirect that haven't been updated.

Let us know if you have any feedback.

We hope you and your customers enjoy the new account area!

Customer Tagging & Order Filtering 🔖

To help you manage larger volumes to keep track of things when you're shipping we've just rolled out tagging customers!

And in addition you can now filter orders by customer's tags and by product!

Customer List Loading Speed Optimisation

We have just identified an inefficient database request which was causing your customer lists to run a little slow, especially if you have a large number of customers.

We have now managed to improve this drastically. 2533% increase in speed in some cases...


Thanks for being a part of Subbly 🤘

📝 Survey Builder - (Build a Box / Style Guides etc)

Hey guys,

So this is a BIG deal.

We've rolled out our new survey builder which makes building on-boarding flows super easy.

As easy as this...

Drag & Drop

You can now do the following:

  • Allow customers to choose products in their subscription and it change the price 🎉.
  • Ask customers what their preferences and likes are
  • Edit the order of questions/steps and answers super easily, add questions, remove them, add answers, remove them. No coding required
  • Upload images for the answers to choose from
  • Customers can edit their responses any time

And it all integrates into our checkout.

Read more here.

New theme: Espresso ☕️

We've just rolled out one of our most interactive themes yet. This theme is perfect for showcasing images for products that really deserve to be shown off.

Here's a preview:

Espresso Theme

As always let us know if you have any feedback!

Enjoy 😁

App Store & Zapier 🐙

Very excited to announce that we now have a new shiny App Store!

The Subbly App Store makes it super easy to extend functionality and integrate with other tools. We will be adding more apps as we go and based by the influence of you, you can vote on what we add next.

To start with we have 3 apps, but one is a really big deal.

We've integrated with Zapier! 👏🎉

This means you can integrate your Subbly checkout and store with almost any app, Zapier connects with 1000s of apps.

So that means you can pass your customer data ... Mailchimp, Spreadsheets, even SMS and so much more.

Related guide: How to install Zapier on Subbly

New theme: Oceanic 🌊

As the first of many announcements we have rolled out a new theme called "Oceanic".

It's clean, it's summery, it's gorgeous. ☀️

Here's a preview:

We hope you enjoy it!

New metrics 📊

Hey guys,

We're on a roll with these small but useful tweaks for helping you run your business more efficiently! In this update we have focused on improving some metrics so you can have better insight into running and growing your business:

  • One-time purchases now factored into revenue calculations (including on the charts)
  • Added some new metrics onto your dashboard including: customer count, pending orders, and;
  • Churn metric. This is in beta. Read more on churn here.
  • Lifetime Value. This is also in beta. Read more on LTV here.

If anything doesn't look right or accurate, please let us know.

Happy entrepreneuring entrepreneur!


Some early goodies 🍾

Happy 2018! 🍾

We're working on some HUGE updates, but in the mean time I couldn't help but make some small UI improvements to the products section to make it easier and better for you to use.

  • Easily search through products and a generally cleaner UI
  • Quicker to add a new product from main nav
  • Creating a product returns back to the form to edit it immediately
  • WYSIWYG editor for product descriptions 👏


Some under the hood 🐛 bug fixes and optimisations 🙃.

What a start to the year.

Thanks for being with us, Stefan

P.s. We have a new logo and website!

🐛 Issue with gift dates when using re-billing

A bug was reported that when a customer was presented with the start dates of their gift to select from, and the product has re-billing and cut-off days configured, then the dates all had the same month.

This is now fixed, thank you for reporting this and for your patience! 🙏

Hope you're all having a great festive period!

No published changelogs yet.

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