Recent Changes 7/4/19 - 7/19/19


  • Ability to bulk change the renewal date for multiple subscriptions at once

Fixes & Improvements

  • Ability to export large amounts of data. Some exports were running into limits. We've re-built the export features to handle a lot more.
  • Fix for cancellation reasons on subscriptions list not appearing correctly
  • New orders api was fixed
  • Patch to prevent failed email sending from showing error on checkout when it was actually successful

Recent Additions & Changes 4/11/19 - 7/4/19

We're back with some updates!! We've been quiet but very busy bees 🐝💨


  • New customer list with fast loading, filtering, and better searching
  • New subscription list with fast loading, filtering (by surveys too!), and better searching
  • The ability to export customers and subscriptions
  • UI refresh for the admin with new look and feel ✨
  • A lot of under the hood improvements and infrastructure improvements
  • Lots of bugs squashed, including for the above new features, thanks for reporting those pesky bugs!! 🙏

The developers at Subbly appreciate your feedback and patience, it makes the world of difference, and we love working with you to build the Subbly platform to make running your business better! Thank you so much.

Recent Changes: 3/25/19 - 4/11/19


New order management interface public beta

We've completely re-engineered the order management to be MUCH faster to let you manage your business with ease. You can still use the same advanced filtering options, but now you don't need to wait for pages to load or for your browser to render. 100 orders or 100,000 orders, it can handle it. Also batch processing actions happen in the background now, so you can keep doing other things while it processes them all.

You can access it from the button at the top right of the current order management interface.

We actively encourage feedback so we can polish this before making it the default order interface.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug on the checkout where if a fixed coupon was greater than the discountable total it would mess up the total calculation and the line items on the related order.

Recent Changes: 3/21/19 - 3/25/19

  • Added improved formatting and validation of phone numbers on checkout, now using international format so the numbers are more portable with marketing automation tools
  • Added shipping address and phone number to Zapier cancellation event trigger
  • 5 new apps on the app store! 🤘

Mailchimp App

There is a new app in the app store which, once configured, will subscribe your customer's email to your specified list when they checkout, and also unsubscribe them if they cancel their subscription.


Zendesk App

You can now embed your Zendesk widget on your checkout and customer login area!

It will also pass your customer's information in, if they are logged into the customer login area.

Intercom App

You can now embed your Intercom widget on your customer login area and checkout to offer superior support to your customers!

It will also pass your customer's information in, if they are logged into the customer login area.

ManyChat App

There is a new app on the app store for you rockstar marketers! 🤘

You can now add the ManyChat to your checkouts, including the checkbox widget! This allows you to make a chatbot for your customers as they go through the checkout flow so you can re-market to them later.

Note: the app only works if you have the cart abandonment add-on

Recent Changes: 3/1/19 - 3/21/19

Hey there!

Recently we made some improvements to the customer login area including:

  • The date of the next shipment reflects more accurately for more cases
  • The navigation is more clear

Other changes include:

  • We added a notice to the checkout to tell a customer they already have a subscription in case they have forgotten

Facebook Pixel App

There is a new app on the app store which when enabled will fire events as your customer moves through the checkout process, to let you better optimise your Facebook ads.

Note you will still need to keep your conversion code on the conversion tracking settings.

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