Commitment periods and terms & conditions ⚡️

What's up?! ✌️

I'm back with more goodies. We just love to keep improving. It's kind of addictive.

We're not announcing this one yet, so if you see this, congratulations.

Commitment Periods

You can now get your customers to commit for a certain number of payments (months/weeks) whilst still billing them monthly or weekly instead of all upfront.

This is a pretty big deal for increasing signups and reducing churn. This is still in beta, so please provide feedback. Also not you must setup your terms and conditions as well, which brings me onto the next thing...

Terms & Conditions

You can now add a link to your terms and conditions for your customers to agree to when they go through the checkout process.

Till next time friend

Stefan (CEO)

P.s. this wasn't the huge update... just a bonus for now.

New "Coming Soon" theme ⏰

Alright alright alright... ✌️

We've added a nice simple "coming soon" theme for when you're not quite ready to go live but want to collect email addresses.

Note: you will need to configure the Mailchimp settings to collect your emails.

Other goodies while you're here 🍭

  • We fixed some bugs on other themes
  • We're rocking 🎸 our Facebook group... ok not an update, but still worth metnioning. #humblebrag.

Till the next update (which is huge)!

Stefan (CEO)

New theme 🎃👻

Happy Halloween!

We've been busy working on a new awesome theme for you guys. It's super fresh, and versatile, and we love and hope you do too.

Go over to "Install a theme" and you'll see the new theme which you can install and take it for a spin.

Also we rolled out some adjustments to the website builder/editor itself.

Check my quick screencast here for more info:

Let us know any feedback you have.

Have an awesome spooky Halloween!


New status page 🚦

We added a new lovely status page so you can subscribe to important service updates like outages and issues and even see upcoming scheduled maintenance.

It's simple and it's hosted externally so if Subbly goes down you can always load this up for updates.

Check it out!

There's also a link on our home page footer, and in the admin support drop down.


Bug fixes 🐛

We've been busy working on some big things, but for now we've done some housekeeping and fixed some stuff including:

  • Issue with email templates that were turned off that were still sending ✅
  • Issue with bi-monthly shipping not appearing correct in some cases on checkout ✅
  • Issue with SSL mode and the blog page going into a redirect loop ✅

Keep the feedback coming!

Send test emails to yourself 💌

Since launching the email template editor feature. We've been asked by many to make it possible to send a test email to yourself. So we've gone ahead and only built it! 😜

So go ahead and tailor the perfect email for your customers!

More to come... and as always thanks for your feedback.

Note: Emails may take up to 2 minutes to arrive. Usually shorter, but just in case you are worried.

Shipment number on order view #️⃣

Keeping track of who has been shipped what is pretty difficult when you have lots of subscribers.

That's why we've added a neat little improvement to the order view.

You can now see what shipment number (of the subscription) that the specific order is. This means you can reward your most loyal customers, or if you have a sequence of shipments you know exactly what they're getting this cycle.

The little things eh...

Don't forget to keep giving us feedback, it helps us make these changes that make your life easier. Don't sit quietly, speak up! 👋🏼

SSL mode for your store 🔒

We have just introduced true SSL Mode.

You will need something like Cloudflare to host an SSL certificate on your domain. It's pretty easy to setup. It's free as well. Once you have setup your DNS on Cloudflare and enabled Flexible SSL, you can then enable SSL mode in your settings page for your store on Subbly.

SSL is a nice way of building trust and it also helps with SEO.

Side note: You may still need to edit some links to assets (like images or CSS files etc) in your code to fix "mixed content warnings", but it's pretty easy. You may also need to re-save your CSS files (to trigger compiling them again with the correct links). But do not fear, if you need help just reach out to our awesome support team and they will help you nice and quickly. 🚂💨

Added referral program variables to email templates 📩

Since we launched the refer-a-friend tool and the email template editor we decided to add some new variables to some of the email templates to allow you to encourage your customers to share their unique link directly from the automated email communication with them as well.

We have also updated the default email templates to match this change so if you have an enabled campaign your customers will begin to see their unique shareable link giving you more exposure for your campaign quicker to help you grow quicker!

Referral tool bug fixes 🐛

Since launching the new features we've been on a 🐛 hunt and managed to squash a bunch.

Here's the summary:

  • We fixed an issue with the referral program settings form not appearing correctly on Firefox
  • We fixed an issue where empty values were causing issues with the referral reward amounts
  • We fixed an internal issue where customer balance history was storing slightly incorrectly in our database
  • Fixed another less critical issue where if the subscription started in the future at checkout combined with a referral discount there was unexpected behaviour (but still worked correctly in the end)
  • We also fixed some other minor issues that didn't affect anyone apart from annoy us! 🙄

We're always trying to make sure things work smoothly and correctly, so thanks for reporting any issues you're encountering!

No published changelogs yet.

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