Update Shipping Date of an Order

Hey hey!

Quick one for you.

You can now update the shipping address date of an order from the customer profile in the admin.

Please note if the order has already been imported to ShipStation using the XML feed integration, it may not update, this hasn't been tested with the ShipStation integration.

Also fixed a minor bug which caused re-billing day to revert to the first upon editing a product. Thanks for pointing this out!

Have a great weekend!

Seasonal Quarterly Billing 🎄🐰☀️🎃

You can now set renewal dates for quarterly billing, a.k.a "Seasonal" billing 🎉. This includes:

  • Set renewal dates e.g. 1st of January, April, July, October and so on.
  • The ability to choose the day of billing
  • The ability to choose whether to charge immediately and generate the first order immediately or just store their card and charge them later
  • You can change these settings any time as well for new subscribers

This means you can kick ass with your quarterly subscriptions now and simplify your life greatly.

Subbly is officially the first platform to offer "true" seasonal billing on it's platform. We're super proud of this achievement.

We spoke with multiple companies to really nail down the simplest approach that applies to as many business models and needs as possible. Thanks to all who gave their input on this 🙏.

White Labeling Checkout & Customer Login Area

Yep!, back already... 🏎💨

You can now enable white labeling (labelling if you're in the UK...). This means no Subbly logo on the checkout or customer login area.


  • This is for a small additional monthly fee. You can find this on the plans page.
  • For now we need to manually enable this for your account.

Login as customer 🗝 + Trial pricing offers 🤑

We're back to work after an awesome time at Subscription Summit. And right out the gate I have some goodies for you 🍭🍬.

Masquerade / "God mode"

You can login as a customer securely to handle manual account management and even checkout as them (if they give permission of course). This means if they mess up their email address, you can fix that too for them.

Trial Periods

Ever wanted to offer an introductory box or price to encourage signups and make your CAC money back more quickly?

You can now offer a introductory price that renews in X days (you choose) and then returns to the normal billing cycle and price after.

Billing every 6 weeks

And this is a bit random, but we now allow for billing and shipping every 6 weeks. A few requests came in for this, it's not so common and we don't recommend it unless it definitely fits your model. But just a heads up so you know it exists.

Till next time subboxer! 🤘

G..G..GDPR! 🛡

Woooo what a time to be alive.

The good news is, we're now GDPR compliant.

We're still working on adding some extra measures over time which we have firm in our roadmap. But we've got all the tools, paper work and resources in place to be compliant.

As part of that this includes:

  • Updated terms and conditions, and privacy policy to include GDPR.
  • A new privacy centre in the admin with various GDPR options for your store. This includes:
  • a new setting to require consent for marketing on the checkout which will also appear in the admin and exports etc. And;
  • another setting to enable a cookie notice on the checkout. Please review the new section.
  • If you need a signed DPA we have an automated method for signing, found in the Privacy centre.
  • We have put together a form for you to make data requests on behalf of your EU customers. Link can also be found in privacy centre.
  • We now have every store setup with a default Terms & Conditions which we will fall back to if you don't set one, BUT this does NOT make you GDPR compliant, you should still write and supply your own terms for the customer to agree to on the checkout.

⚠️ Please Note

It is still your responsibility as a merchant to make sure your practices and business is GDPR compliant. If you want to know more about GDPR then please refer to the resources found in the new privacy centre.

Other things

  • Disable email notifications about your store. You can now turn off email notifications like payment and new order notifications. This is found in your personal account settings (found at the top left).


Minor Bug Fixes 🐛

After rolling out "checkout only mode" we had a couple of stray bugs, we have not resolved those. They were only cosmetic fortunately! Thanks for your patience!


Embedded Checkout Widget Builder 🎨

We've made a simple widget builder to let you choose the colour and style of your button that triggers the embed widget for your checkouts 😍. The builder will generate the correct code for you to place on any website to trigger the checkout experience.

Skipping/Pausing Settings + Support URL ⏯

Hey subboxers,

Today we bring you:

  • The ability to disable and customise your skipping/pausing behaviour for your customers. You can now disable it entirely and you can also set a minimum number of payments before the customer can skip.
  • You can now add your support docs/page URL to be used instead of your email address (thanks Tim) for the checkout and customer area links.


Change Renewals & Subscription Plans in Admin 🛠

Whoop told you there was more to come...😘

We've just rolled out the ability to:

  1. To edit the renewal date of a subscription from within the admin on the customer's profile
  2. To change the product a customer is subscribed to in the customer profile also.

Some notes

  • For both you cannot do this if it's in pre-order or it's a gift that hasn't started yet.
  • For changing a product it will maintain the renewal date, but in some cases will put them back onto the "synchronising" state you see. This is normal. Also it technically creates a new subscription.
  • If you change the customers subscription plan/product and they have filled out survey questions, it will keep those when changing. However, if the new product you are changing them to doesn't have the same survey, it will not maintain the customizations in some cases: see behaviour here.

Back to work for us 😏

Bug Fixes & Improvements 🐛

Went on a bug hunt and improvement spree this weekend while ya'll were out partying 😉 just kidding, I know you were working on your businesses too!

Fixes and improvements include:

  • Faster loading of metrics on dashboard
  • A fix for an issue with the password field on the checkout for a specific case
  • Fixed default country in drop down for editing address in new customer area
  • Fixed an issue with delayed navigation changes due to caching
  • Reports of issues uploading brand/logo image have led to a refactor there, let us know if there are any issues with this one still.
  • Increase limit on page and blog post content size
  • Refreshing the customer profile now remembers what tab you had last active
  • Turned off geolocation request and geofencing for autosuggest rolled out last week to reduce friction further

Keep on rocking! More to come...


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