Changes 12/20/19 - 2/7/20

Hey rockstar, did you think we were quiet? That's because we're megaaaa busy making things better and better for you.

In this release we rolled out the following:

✨New things

  • New TaxJar app on the Subbly app store, so you can improve your sales tax filing process


  • Lotssss of admin UI improvements, including improvements to the mobile experience
  • Better on-boarding experience when setting up of your Subbly store
  • New billing history widget so you can retrieve your past invoices
  • Under the hood changes in preparation of Billing Engine Version 2.0

🐛Bug fixes

  • Patch implemented for bug where when batch changing renewal dates for incoherent subscriptions (e.g. billing every 3 months, shipping monthly) it would result in missing orders.
  • A checkout success layout issue resolved
  • And more minor bugs

⚡️ Other Subbly things

  • New episodes on the podcast
  • A new team member joined since last update
  • Approximately 1,120 hours of rock music were played whilst these changes were being made
  • Our founder launched a new vlog which shows some behind the scenes stuff

📅 What's coming up

  • Billing Engine v2 is coming out soon, notices and details will be shared soon.
  • New apps on the app store