Changes 2/7/20 - 5/3/20

✨New things

  • We added a new MRR chart (Monthly Recurring Revenue) to your analytics and re-arranged the colours to make it more intuitive
  • 🎉We have rolled out Billing Engine Version 2.0 👏, which is now in use for all new signups. The migration facility will be available for existing users in the very near future. This one is a monumental project, despite not being obvious on the surface initially. We have invested over a year working on this, there are huge benefits of this to come over the next half of the year.


  • Security has been increased in specific areas
  • Various UI improvements to the admin interface

🐛Bug fixes

  • Patch for Billing Engine version 1.0 where too many line items on the invoice caused missing orders. Please note: this will be the last patch applied to Billing Engine version 1.0 except for critical patches as it is now at the end of its life cycle.

⚡️Other Subbly Things