Changes 4/5/20 - 5/4/20

New month, new batch of updates, improvements, and some glitch and UI fixes as well 😎

✨ New things

  • We added the brand new action for the Automations facility for all merchants who are currently using Billing Engine version 2. If you're using Automations, you are now able to Apply Coupon through an automation if certain criteria are met. For more info refer to the help article here:

🧼 Improvements

List of UI improvements on the admin panel is long this time as we dedicated some time to add some important improvements based on your feedback.

  • We've added more columns to the CSV export for easier management of your customers and orders. New columns that are added to the export are Gift Message for gift orders, Order Date, ie., when the order was created, Date Cancelled and Cancellation Reason. This will make order management much more easier 😊
  • It is now possible to see the future shipment orders on the Orders section as well which will make it easier for you to forecast future shipments 🚚
  • We've added the password reset prompt when customers try to change their passwords. Lack of any confirmation prompt was causing lots of confusion with customers beforehand.
  • It is now possible to filter customers and corresponding orders based on pricing option (sub-product), and not only based on the parent product as was the case before (for example, when you have multiple variations of the same subscription product, offered on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis…)
  • It is possible to filter one-time orders on the Orders tab now as well πŸ™
  • Future tax estimate and taxes are now being properly itemized on the checkout for the merchants who are on the Billing Engine v2.

πŸ› Bugs

  • Sorting by name facility on Orders section is now working as expected πŸ‘
  • Whole bunch of typos and stray links were corrected and fixed on the admin (thanks for all your reports πŸ™Œ)
  • We've dealt with that strange bug that made it impossible for you to set the delay for Automations events properly (for those who are using Automations)
  • We've also enabled all subscription and one-time products in the drop down list for Automations
  • There was a bug on the Analytics section where the displayed currency in some cases didn't equal the actual store currency. This bug is no more πŸ”«
  • It is no longer possible for the merchant to add an empty survey to the product, which was previously resulting in blank checkouts, which was super confusing.
  • We've squashed a couple of minor bugs and glitches for the merchants who are already transferred and using Billing Engine v2.

⚑ Other Subbly Things

  • As you can see for yourself, there is lots going on around the brand new Billing Engine v2. If you're a long-term merchant and you're already running your store on Subbly for some time, you haven't been transferred to it. yet. But don't worry 😊 We're working on the migration process as we speak and we'll look into transferring all merchants to the new version of the billing engine. More information to come soon πŸ’¬