Changes from 23/6/20 - 27/7/20


  • New fields were added to the orders export and api: shop order number, customer order number, subscription order number. "Number" is the order count on each level respectively.
  • The ability to filter subscriptions by involuntary churn (failed card card) is now possible
  • The ability to re-activate a subscription from inside the admin is also possible
  • New filter added for filtering by coupons


  • Card information added to the transactions view on the customer page
  • When using the TaxJar app you now have the option to use your TaxJar account nexus settings.
  • Various improvements for the new billing engine based on feedback (thank you!)

🐛Bug fixes

  • Lots of bug fixes to the billing engine thanks to your helpful feedback! (thank you again!)

⚡Fun fact: Over 99% of all users are now on the new Billing Engine version 2.0! Thanks for upgrading.