Filtering Orders by Survey Answers + Create Adhoc Orders 📋🔎

Christmas came early! We're working hard on lots of things before the new year comes in but today we released some smaller useful features for you to make your life easier.

We have 2 goodies to share, apart from the constant improvements and tweaks we make:

1. Filtering Orders by Survey Answers

You can now filter your orders based on the answers your customers gave for your surveys. You can combine these filters with tag filters, product filters and status filters. This should allow for quick searching of specific types of customers based on their preferences and quick exporting to make better estimations on product needs.

On that note, we're currently testing a private beta inventory tracking feature, please contact support for more information on that if you're interested.

2. Create Adhoc Orders for a Customer in the Admin

On your customer profile, under the orders tab, we have added the ability to create an adhoc order and charge a customer a custom amount outside of their subscription.

This could be really useful for sending free products or taking orders over the phone.

One caveat is that the customer must have an existing shipping address and payment card to be able to do this. If there is enough demand we will add the ability to add those things directly from the admin, but for now if they have an account you can login as them and add those details manually on their behalf.

As always, keep the feedback coming! We massively appreciate your involvement in shaping Subbly into a powerful platform!

Till next time 🤘