Huge Infrastructure Upgrades 🌮🔥⚡️

Hey hey hey,

We've taken a big step on our roadmap, this one is less obvious. It's not a feature but is just as important, if not more so...

We've upgraded our hardware infrastructure and this will help with loading speed (20% improvement so far), reliability and future upgrades and feature development. 🙌

I also wanted to take a moment to apologise but also thank you. You may have noticed over the last couple of months we've had some intermittent downtime. This has been as a result of us growing faster than anticipated and also due to generally outgrowing our old hardware and setup.

We decided to move the upgrades we had planned forward. It was a big investment of time and energy. I even used my family vacation to make sure it happened (sorry Mum! 😇).

So thank you for your patience and also for being a part of the Subbly family.

Here's to the future together! 🥂

Best, Stefan

☝️ P.s. If you have a custom domain with us, please make sure to update the IP address in your DNS (will also speed up your site). I will be sending an email about this soon. If you need help ask support and they will be happy to help.